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How to Study Korean in 2024

let’s embark on this journey together to discover how you can effectively study Korean in 2024, making the most of the latest advancements in language learning.
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Important Korean Phrases when travel to Korea

Armed with these important Korean phrases, your journey through Korea promises to be not just a trip but a truly immersive experience.
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Common Korean Phrases in Social Gatherings

In Korea, where social interactions are often guided by specific cultural norms,
knowing the right phrases can be your key to a successful social experience.
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Korean language Tips

We provide helpful tips for you to learn Korean online.

Korean Phrases & Expressions

Improve your Korean knowledge on this JAEM Korean blog.

Korean Culture

In order to develop your language skills, you need to know the culture of the country well.

JAEM Korean Notice

These are posts about news from the JAEM team.