10 Korean slangs you need to know

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Korean slangs you need to know: Introduction

Hey, language warriors! 🌟 Ever felt like textbook Korean just isn’t cutting it when you’re trying to vibe with K-drama scenes or jam to K-pop lyrics? I’m here to sprinkle a little magic into your language learning journey with some cool Korean slangs that’ll have you chatting like a local in no time! Ready to spice up your Korean talks? Let’s dive in to ‘Korean slangs you need to know’ post and make your conversations totally 대박! ✨

Expressions of Emotion and Reaction

“대박 (Daebak) – “Awesome” or “Amazing”**

  • Example: “I finally understood the entire episode without subtitles, 대박!”
    • In Korean: “자막 없이 전체 에피소드를 다 이해했어, 대박!”

“헐 (Heol) – “Wow” or “OMG”**

  • Example: “헐, did you see that ending? I did not see that coming!”
    • In Korean: “헐, 그 결말 봤어? 전혀 예상 못 했어!”

Trendy Internet and Texting Slangs

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“ㅈㅂ (JB) – Short for “Please” (제발)”

  • Example: “ㅈㅂ, don’t spoil the movie for me!”
    • In Korean: “ㅈㅂ, 영화 스포일러 하지 마!”

“웃프다 (Utpda) – “Bittersweet” or “Laugh and Cry””

  • Example: “Graduating is so 웃프다. Excited but gonna miss everyone.”
    • In Korean: “졸업이 너무 웃프다. 기대되지만 모두가 그리울 거야.”

Describing People and Relationships

“인싸 (Inssa) – “Insider” or “Social Butterfly”**

  • Example: “You’re such an 인싸, everyone always gathers around you!”
    • In Korean: “넌 진짜 인싸야, 사람들이 항상 너에게 모여들어!”

“꿀잼 (Kkuljaem) – “Super Fun”**

  • Example: “Last night’s party was 꿀잼. We should do it again!”
    • In Korean: “어젯밤 파티 너무 꿀잼이었어. 다음에 다시 또 파티 하자!”

Expressions for Daily Life and Activities

“존맛탱 (Jonmat-taeng) – “Super Delicious””

  • When something tastes incredibly good, 존맛탱 is the word to express that delightful flavor explosion.
    • Example: “이 집 김치찌개 존맛탱이야!”
      • “The Kimchi stew from this place is super delicious!”

“열공 (Yeol-gong) – “Studying Hard””

  • Combining 열심히 (hard) and 공부하다 (to study), 열공 is used to describe putting in a great effort into studying.
    • Example: “시험 기간이라 열공 중이야.”
      • “It’s exam period, so I’m studying hard.”

Slangs for Social Media and Online Communication

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“불토 (Bulto) – “Fiery Saturday””

  • A blend of 불 (fire) and 토요일 (Saturday), used to describe an exciting or eventful Saturday night.
    • Example: “오늘 불토 같이 보내자!”
      • “Let’s have an exciting Saturday night together today!”

“인증샷 (Injeung-shot) – “Proof Shot””

  • A term used when posting photos to prove participation in an event or visiting a place, common in social media.
    • Example: “여기 왔다는 인증샷 찍자!”
      • “Let’s take a proof shot that I came here!”

Slangs Reflecting Feelings and States of Mind

“멘붕 (Men-boong) – “Mental Breakdown””

  • Short for 멘탈 붕괴 (mental breakdown), 멘붕 describes a state of mental shock or confusion.
    • Example: “시험을 쳤는데 결과 듣고 멘붕 왔어.”
      • “I had a mental breakdown after hearing the results.”

“힐링 (Healing) – “Healing” or “Relaxing””

  • Borrowed from the English word “healing,” it’s used to describe moments or activities that provide comfort and relaxation.
    • Example: “주말에 산책하면서 힐링 했어.”
      • “I healed (relaxed) by taking a walk over the weekend.”


And there you have it ‘Korean slangs you need to know’, lovelies! 🎉 Ten essential Korean slangs that’ll not only boost your language skills but also add that cool factor to your conversations. Remember, language learning is not just about getting the grammar right; it’s about connecting, expressing, and having fun along the way. So go ahead, sprinkle these slangs in your chats, and watch how your Korean convos transform from textbook to totally 힙 (hip)! Keep shining, keep learning, and most importantly, keep enjoying every step of your language journey. You’ve got this! 💪💖

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‘Korean slangs you need to know’ written by Chris and Jiyong


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