Boost Your Korean Listening Skills with These Must-Watch TV Shows

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Hey lovely language learners! 💕 Are you ready to spice up your Korean study sessions? I’m here to share my top picks for Korean TV shows that are not only super entertaining but also perfect for tuning your ears to the beautiful sounds of Korean. Whether you’re into heart-fluttering dramas or laugh-out-loud variety shows, I’ve got you covered. So grab your snacks, and let’s dive into the world of Korean entertainment that will skyrocket your listening skills! 🌟

Learn Korean with 12 TOP Korean TV Shows!

Korean dramas are like a rollercoaster of emotions, and guess what? They’re also fantastic for picking up natural Korean expressions and improving your listening skills. Check out these gems:

“Crash Landing on You: Love and Language Across Borders”

Crash landing on you
  • Dive into a love story that crosses North and South Korean borders, packed with emotional dialogues and cultural nuances. It’s a listening feast!

“Itaewon Class: Street Smarts and Emotional Dialogues”

itaewon class
  • Follow the journey of revenge, love, and entrepreneurship in the diverse streets of Itaewon. The dialogue is rich and real, perfect for learning!

Reality and Variety Shows: Fun Meets Language Practice

If you’re looking for a mix of fun and language learning, Korean variety shows are your go-to. They’re unpredictable, hilarious, and full of everyday Korean phrases.

“Running Man: Fast-Paced Fun and Spontaneous Speech”

running man
  • Join the cast in their thrilling and hilarious missions. It’s non-stop entertainment and a great way to hear spontaneous Korean.

“Busted!: Solve Mysteries While Learning Korean”

  • Combine your detective skills with language learning as you unravel mysteries with the cast. It’s interactive, engaging, and super fun!

Master Korean with Engaging Educational Programs

For those who prefer a more structured approach with a dash of fun, these educational shows blend learning with entertainment beautifully.

“EBS Easy Korean: Structured Lessons in a Show Format”

  • Think of this as your classroom on the screen, offering clear and concise Korean lessons tailored for learners at different levels. Link!

“Talk To Me In Korean: From YouTube to Your Screen”

  • Bringing their popular online lessons to TV, this show offers bite-sized, super relatable lessons that cover everything from basic phrases to complex expressions.

Explore Historical Dramas for Cultural Depth

Immerse yourself in Korea’s rich history and elevate your language skills with these captivating historical dramas.

“Mr. Sunshine: A Tale of Heroes and History”

mister sunshine
  • Set in the early 1900s, this epic drama offers a deep dive into Korea’s struggle for independence, wrapped in a poignant love story. The dialogue is a treasure trove of historical terms and respectful speech forms.

“Kingdom: Thrilling Historical Fantasy”

  • Mixing historical intrigue with zombie horror, “Kingdom” offers a unique viewing experience. It’s perfect for picking up traditional court language and survival phrases, if you dare!

Korean Sitcoms for Everyday Language

Laugh and learn with Korean sitcoms, ideal for hearing everyday language in humorous, relatable settings.

“High Kick Series: The Laughter-Filled Lives of a Korean Family”

  • With several seasons, each “High Kick” installment provides endless fun and a slice of Korean family life. The conversational Korean used is great for picking up common expressions and slang.

“Welcome to Waikiki: Hilarious Misadventures of Youth”

  • Follow the lives of young people running a guesthouse. Their comedic struggles with love, friendship, and dreams are filled with easy-to-understand dialogues and everyday Korean.

Youth and Coming-of-Age Series for Slang and Modern Expressions

Connect with the younger generation and learn the latest Korean slang through these engaging youth-focused series.

“Reply Series: Nostalgia Meets Youthful Banter”

reply series
  • Each season of the “Reply” series is set in a different year, offering a nostalgic look at youth culture. The series is known for its natural dialogues, cultural references, and the use of trending slang of the times.

“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo: Chasing Dreams and First Loves”

  • This heartwarming series about young athletes chasing their dreams is a goldmine for learning conversational Korean and expressions related to friendship, perseverance, and romance.

12 TOP Korean TV Shows – Outro

And that’s a wrap, my language-loving friends! Which one was your best Korean TV Shows?🎬 With these Korean TV shows, you’re all set to immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of Korea, all from the comfort of your home. Remember, learning a language is a journey, so why not make it fun and fabulous? Dive into these shows, and let your Korean listening skills soar. Happy watching, and happy learning! 사랑해요! 💖

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