Master Korean numbers in 1 hour

Chris Teacher · November 24, 2023

Master Korean numbers! Understand Korean Numbers Easily

Join our course, “Master Korean Numbers in 1 Hour”, led by Chris Teacher.

Do you get mixed up with Korean numbers? This course is here to help. Chris will show you how to read numbers clearly. You’ll learn numbers for everyday things like phone numbers, dates, your age, and even math.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. All About Numbers: We cover everything from small numbers to big ones, making sure you understand each step.
  2. Use Numbers in Real Life: Learn how to talk about dates, share your phone number, and more.
  3. Practice Makes Perfect: Try exercises to help remember what you learn.

By the end of this hour, you’ll feel more comfortable with Korean numbers. This skill is great for anyone wanting to get better at Korean. Join Chris Teacher and let’s tackle Korean numbers together!

Course Target

Basic-intermediate, A1~B2

Expected Outcomes

A comprehensive overview of how to read Korean numbers.

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About Teachers

Chris Teacher: A professional Korean teacher who has taught TOPIK, business Korean, and spoken Korean for a long time. Learn Korean with Chris, he’s serious about teaching but makes sure you feel steady and confident in your learning.

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Course Includes

  • 20 Lessons