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Chris Teacher · December 1, 2023

Business Korean Expressions Now! Master Business Korean Expressions

Welcome to “Business Korean Expressions & Articles,” led by Chris Teacher. This course is designed for those ready to dive deep into the world of business Korean. Whether you’re aiming to excel in professional settings or simply want to understand the corporate culture in Korea, this course is your stepping stone.

In Part 1 of this course, we focus on business Korean expressions and cultural insights through eight carefully selected articles. These articles will not only enhance your vocabulary but also provide you with a rich understanding of how business is conducted in Korea.

Course Highlights:

  • Business Expressions: Learn the key expressions that are essential in Korean business environments. We’ll cover everything from formal greetings to negotiation phrases.
  • Cultural Insights: Understanding the culture is just as important as knowing the language. Get insights into Korean business etiquette and practices.
  • Real-Life Applications: Apply what you’ve learned in practical scenarios. Whether it’s writing an email or presenting in a meeting, you’ll be prepared.
  • Part 2 – Corporate Language: Delve into the specific language used within Korean companies. From everyday office conversation to formal business meetings, we’ve got you covered.

This course is ideal for advanced learners looking to refine their Korean for professional use.

Course Target

Intermediate-Advanced, B1~C1

Expected Outcomes

Business expressions in Korean, knowledge of Korean company manners

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Chris Teacher: A professional Korean teacher who has taught TOPIK, business Korean, and spoken Korean for a long time. Learn Korean with Chris, he’s serious about teaching but makes sure you feel steady and confident in your learning.

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  • 18 Lessons