30-day to Korean Fluency 2

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This course follows the completion of “30 Days to Korean Fluency 1”.
Please complete that course before proceeding to “30 Days to Korean Fluency 2”.
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This course is crafted with special consideration for students who may find listening and speaking challenging. Just like enjoying your favorite K-drama, immerse

yourself in the everyday lives of our expert Korean teachers, and effortlessly absorb Korean language skills through natural dialogue. Explore and learn the authentic expressions commonly used by Koreans in dramas.

With a dedicated Korean coach by your side throughout this course, we are committed to assisting you in reaching your language goals through our personalized, attentive support system!

Course Target


Expected Outcomes

Enhanced Listening and Speaking Skills, Familiarity with Authentic Korean Expressions

Course Language

Korean, English

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JAEM 썸네일 008

Day 1-3 are available as free sample lectures.


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