Chapter Korean Podcast

Jiyong Teacher · November 27, 2023

Let’s practice listening by listening to Korean podcasts. Because it is a conversation-type podcast, you can even learn speaking expressions.

Level : Advanced

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Discovering Daily Korean Through Podcasts

Dive into the Korean language with real-life conversations and narratives. This session helps you tune into the natural rhythm and nuances of spoken Korean, crucial for any learner.

You can also follow this podcast on our YouTube channel: JAEM Korean Youtube

Engaging with Native Speakers: Chris, Berry, and Jiyong

Meet your instructors Chris, Berry, and Jiyong. They’ll introduce common phrases and cultural insights in a conversational style, making learning Korean accessible and fun. Plus, if you know who we are, please visit our instagram.

Practical Listening and Speaking Exercises with Korean podcast

This lesson includes targeted listening and speaking exercises to build real-time comprehension and communication skills in Korean, essential for effective learning.

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